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Sanitising & Water Purification

The UK Water Cooler Association recommends that the cold tanks in Bottled Water Coolers are Sanitised every three months and in mains connected Water Coolers every six months. Hot water does not require sanitising, as the hot water destroys Bacteria. You can use chemicals to sanitise your Cooler, or you can use our Coolers with SIPneo3, which automatically sanitises Bottled Coolers, or you can use our Mains Connected Coolers with KLARAN UVC LED System to Purify the Water during dispensing to assist in sanitising.

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Description Price Quantity
CC RINSE 1 litre CoolerClear Rinse Sanitising Solution CCRINSE Price: £24.00 inc VAT
CC SPRAY 100ml CoolerClear Spray To Sanitise Taps CCSPRAY Price: £6.00 inc VAT
CC RINSE 12 x 1 litre Cooler Clear Rinse Bulk Pack ccrinse12 Price: £264.00 inc VAT
CC SPRAY 27 x 100ml Cooler Clear Spray Bulk Pack CCSPRAY27 Price: £150.00 inc VAT
SipNeo3 Sanitising Unit SIPneo3 Ozone System sanitises the water trail of Bottled Coolers SIPNE03 Price: This is not a stock item please e-mail
KLARAN UVC LED Automatic Shield For Sealed Tank Coolers To Purify The Water At The Point Of Dispense KLARAN UVC LED system, purifies the water of Mains Connected Coolers automatically each time water is dispensed KLARAN Price: This is not a stock item please e-mail

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