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Description Price Quantity
Flavia Smooth Roast Alterra Smooth Roast Coffee ( Box Of 100 Sachets) SMOOTHROAST Price: £25.89 inc VAT
Flavia Rich Roast Alterra Rich Roast Coffee (Box Of 100 Sachets) ARAB Price: £25.89 inc VAT
Flavia Smooth Roast Decaf Alterra Decaf Coffee (Box Of 100 Sachets) DEC Price: £25.89 inc VAT
Flavia- English Breakfast Bright Tea Company Flavia English Breakfast Tea (Box Of 140 Sachets) TRADTEA Price: £23.94 inc VAT
Flavia - Galaxy Hot Chocolate Galaxy Hot Chocolate (Box Of 75 Sachets) GALAXY Price: £22.51 inc VAT
Flavia - Real Milk Froth Cappuccino Real Milk Froth (Box Of 80 Sachets) CAPPU Price: £15.49 inc VAT

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