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What Is The Advantage Of A Mains Connected Cooler (POU) Over A Bottle Cooler?

We are greatly in favour of mains connected coolers for the following reasons:

  • They are much more environmentally acceptable. No lorries driving around the countryside to deliver plastic 18ltr bottles of water, and no plastic bottles
  • They are much more convenient for you, because you do not have to order bottles. The UK mains supply never runs dry, and you do not have to handle the heavy      18ltr bottles and lift them onto the cooler
  • UK mains Water is of the highest quality and often more regularly tested than bottled Water
  • Mains Water cooler are cheaper to run
  • Mains Water coolers require less frequent sanitising than bottled coolers. The UK Water Cooler Association recommends that bottled coolers are sanitised every 3     months, compared to POU coolers which is every 6 months. That has to do with the risk of contamination from hand to cooler with bottled coolers
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