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Plumbing & Filtration

All mains connected Water Coolers or Boilers require a professional connection to the water mains. We provide a WRAS approved Plumbing Rail which consists of compressing fittings to connect to the mains pipe, a non return valve, a pressure limiting valve and a Water block to avoid large scale flooding. For Water Coolers the Plumbing Rail also includes a Carbon Filter. Can’t find what you are looking for? Call the Crown Equipment Direct Team on 0800 027 3102 or use our chat box and we will be happy to advise you.

Plumbing Rails for Boilers either come with a Carbon Filter, or - if installed in a hard water area - with a Brita Scale REMOVAL Filter (see Technical Information on Scale). When you enter the Post Code were your Boiler will be sited a message will pop up to identify the mains supply as soft-, hard- or extremely hard water. Our Product Code for the Plumbing Rail with Carbon Filter is (PFRAILKIT). For Boilers in hard water areas, the Plumbing Rail with a Scale REMOVAL Filter (Part No BFRAILKIT).

Our Carbon Filters come in two parts, which makes them the Greenest and Environmentally Friendly Filters on the market! A reusable plastic filter housing (Part No FILTHOU) which can be used over and over again, into which we fit a replacement Carbon Filter Candle (Part No FILTCAR). The Filter Candle can be disposed with household waste. Compare that to other Filters which often go into landfills, plastic housing and all!

But this is not all. In addition to our standard Carbon Block Filter Candle, we supply a High Pharma rated NANOFilter Candle (Part No FILTCARNANO). Again biodegradable, but besides removing taste and odour, the filter material used in the NANOFilter removes 99.98% odd Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Giardia and provides a level of protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Mycobacteria and Aspergillis. etc (see Technical Information on Filters)

Description Price Quantity
Direct Sales Image - Rail and no filter Installation Rail Kit Without Filter PRAILKIT Price: £60.00 inc VAT
Installation Rail with Carbon Filter Installation Rail Kit Complete With Carbon Filter PFRAILKIT Price: £75.00 inc VAT
Installation Rail Kit with Nano Filter Installation Rail Kit Complete With Nano Filter PFRAILKITNANO Price: £91.20 inc VAT
Installation Rail with Scale Removal Filter (Boiler) Installation Rail Kit Complete With Brita Scale Removal Filter BFRAILKIT Price: £155.00 inc VAT
BPFRAILKIT Installation Rail Kit For Combined Hot & Cold Units With Separate Inlets BPFRAILKIT Price: £162.00 inc VAT
Carbon Block Candle with Housing and Connectors (1 x 1-Micron "Green Filter" ) Carbon Block Candle With Housing & Connectors (1 x 1-Micron "Green Filter" ) FILTCARHOU Price: £20.40 inc VAT
Nano filter with Housing and Connectors Nano Filter With Housing & Connectors FILTCARHOUNANO Price: £36.00 inc VAT
Filter Housing Filter Housing FILTHOU Price: £6.60 inc VAT
Carbon Block Candle (1-Micron "Green Filter" ) Carbon Block Candle (1-Micron "Green Filter" ) FILTCAR Price: £15.00 inc VAT
Nano Filter Candle  (High Viral, Cyst and Pharma performance) Nano Filter Candle (High Viral, Cyst & Pharma performance) NANOF Price: £32.40 inc VAT
Brita C150 Scale Removal Filter for Water Boilers Brita C150 Scale Removal Filter For Water Boilers FILTC150 Price: £84.00 inc VAT
¾” BSP to ¼” Push Fit Reducer ¾” BSP To ¼” Push Fit Reducer REDU3414 Price: £4.20 inc VAT
10 metre white ¼” Tubing  10 Metre White ¼” Tubing TUBE1410 Price: £6.00 inc VAT

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