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Water Boiler Installation Rail with Brita C150 Scale Removal Filter


Water Boiler Installation Rail with Brita C150 Scale Removal Filter


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Water Boiler Installation Rail Removal Filter For Hard Water Areas

Installation Rail Kit Complete With Brita Scale Removal Filter

Our Installation Rail Kit BFRAILKIT is suitable for all Hot Water Boilers in a hard water area. Our Post Code Scale Checker will tell you if you are installing in a soft or hard water area.

The BFRAILKIT Consists Of::

  • Short length 15 mm copper tubing, to connect to Equal Tee a 15mm Compression Double Check Valve
  • An isolation tap and Pressure Reducing Valve set at 2.5 to 3 bar
  • A¼" push-fit reducer and a Water Block (non return valve and safeguards against flooding. (THIS MUST BE INSTALLED VERTICALLY POINTING DOWNWARDS )
  • A Brita C150 Scale Filter and Brita C 1/4"

For Boilers In Soft Water Areas:
In Soft Water Areas there would be no need for an expensive Scale Removal Filter You can use our standard Installation Rail Kit. The PFRAILKIT with a Carbon Block Filter Candle.

*The Mains connection must be to a potable drinking water supply. We recommend that the connection is done by a plumber or an installation trained installer

This video shows a professional connection of a POU Water Cooler to the Water Mains using a WRAS approved POU Installation Rail

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