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Bottled Water Coolers

The advantage of a Bottled Water Cooler is that it can be placed anywhere near a three-pin power point. No installation and Water Filters required. The drawback is that you have to purchase 18ltr Plastic Bottles of Water, which will involve handling, storing a backup quantity, and accounting for the empties which will be returned to the Bottle supplier. Consider your administrative costs for all of this, never mind the cost of buying Bottles!Can’t find what you are looking for? Call the Crown Equipment Direct Team on 0800 027 3102 or use our chat box and we will be happy to advise you.

We do not supply 18ltr Bottles of Water, but can point you in the direction of a Bottle Supplier - Giving you full control over where your water is sourced. Once installed Bottled Water Coolers need to be regularly Sanitised. Because Bottled Water Coolers are exposed to more hand to Bottle/Tap bacterial cross contamination, Industry Standards require a stricter Sanitising Regime of every 3 months (We supply CoolerClear Rinse & Spray Sanitising Solutions)

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