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Postcode Scale Checker

Check your water hardness with our unique Postcode Scale Checker

You can check your postcode to find out if you are affected by hard water. It makes business sense to ensure your equipment if fitted with the correct scale protection filter.

Beating Scale

Hard water effects around 60% of all UK postcodes, mainly – but not exclusively - in the south of the country. Scale will result in poor boiler performance and eventually in boiler breakdowns.

Three factors determine the amount of scale

  1. The temperature of the water (the hotter the harder)
  2. The hardness of the mains water, which varies across hard water areas
  3. The amount of hot water drawn (this is often most difficult to predict, since hot water is often used for de-frosting, washing up etc)

There are two ways to deal with scale

  1. To regularly descale the boiler
  2. To protect the boiler with a proper Scale REDUCTION Filter. A resin based filter! These are not cheap, and the temptation is to use a low-cost carbon block filter with siliphos beads. Unfortunately, our tests have shown that they are not very effective. Beware, of cutting corners as it may cost you more than you “save”!

Check your postcode for hard water to protect your equipment with a scale reduction filter below:

The postcode checker tells you the level calcium and magnesium compounds in your water and translates this into 3 categories:

  • 0-5 Soft Water
  • 6-15 Hard Water
  • 16-26 Very Hard Water

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Check the water in your area

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