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How To Get Your Water Cooler Back To Work After Lockdown

Sanitising destroys bacteria, but does not touch the COVID19 virus. Fortunately our CCSPRAY does destroy the COVID19 virus!

Why We Need To Sanitise

WATER IS FOOD! and needs to be protected from Bacterial contamination like every other food! Tap Water is Chlorinated to protect it from growing Bacteria.

Beating Scale

Scale is the enemy of all Water Boilers and if not dealt with will result in Boiler breakdowns. Half of the UK’s water supply is hard water (Scaly) and the other half is soft water. If you are operating in a hard water area you need to take precautions!

Connecting Your Water Cooler

Always make sure that you connect to a potable water supply! If in any doubt, ask the building manager to identify the incoming potable water supply. Low water pressure could be an indication that the water comes from a Cistern/Tank and not directly from the mains.

Filters For Water Coolers & Boilers

It is important to select the correct Filters For Water Coolers & Boilers. The role of the Carbon Candle is to remove the taste and smell of the Chlorine in the mains water, & the large surface area of the NanoFilter resists blocking, even at low water pressure or where there is a high solid content of the mains water.

What Does Your Installation Include?

When using a professional installation company it is important to use EDWCA or BWCA trained installers or plumbers to protect yourself. The Associations run regular installation and sanitising training courses, so you can be assured your machine is installed correctly avoiding damage and ensuring the supply is safe to drink!

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