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Plumbing Kits

ALL mains connected Water Coolers require a professional connection to the water mains and a water filter to improve the water quality. Our Plumbing Rail is WRAS approved. It consists of a compression fitting to connect to the mains pipe, a non return valve, a pressure limiting valve and a Water Block to avoid large scale flooding. Different Plumbing Rails include either a PFRAILKIT (see below) or a PFRAILKITNANO (see below)

Plumbing Rails for Boilers either come with a Carbon Filter, or - if installed in a hard water area - with a Brita Scale REMOVAL Filter (see Technical Information on Scale). When you enter the Post Code were your Boiler will be sited a message will pop up to identify the mains supply as soft-, hard- or extremely hard water. Our Product Code for the Plumbing Rail with Carbon Filter is (PFRAILKIT). For Boilers in hard water areas, the Plumbing Rail with a Scale REMOVAL Filter (Part No BFRAILKIT).

We supply two different Water Filter Rails

  1. GREEN Rail consisting of a replaceable Filter Candle, which can be disposed with household waste, and a reusable Filter Housing which can be used several times.

  2. Conventional Carbon Block Filter, encased in a one way plastic Filter Housing. Not Green, but cheap. The Carbon Block removes taste and odour.

The GREEN Filter Candles can either be a Carbon Block to remove taste and smell of Chlorine, or can be fitter with a High Pharma Rated NANOFilter Candle. Again biodegradable, but besides removing taste and odour, the filter material used in the NANOFilter removes 99.98% of Cryptosporidium , E coli, Giardia and provides a level of protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Mycrobacteria, Aspergilli and some heavy metals.

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