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How Do I Sanitise - If I Do Not Use SIP Automatic Self Sanitisation?

We suggest to use a buffered hydrogen peroxide solution such as our CoolerClear Rinse and Spray. Description of use are on the bottles. For more information, view our technical blog Why We Need To Sanitise which explains how to sanitise a water cooler with conventional open tank or a sealed tank. We supply CoolerClear Rinse and Cooler Clear Spray individually or in packs of 12.

CoolerClear Spray comes in a 100 ml spray bottle
(CCSPRAY). It is sprayed on taps and the dispensing area and on bottled coolers also on the spike and bottle contact area of the cooler.

Cooler Clear Rinse comes in a 1 litre bottle
(CCRINSE) A dilution of CCRINSE is mixed with the water in the tank and allowed to stand dispensed trough both taps. Flush afterwards with clear water several times to remove any traces of CCRINSE

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