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We aim to ensure we offer the best products at the best prices, you can count on us to deliver:

  • EQUIPMENT QUALITY - Most of our Equipment is designed and build in cooperation with the manufacturer. We can therefore stand 100% behind our products performance
  • WE SUPPORT YOU- With detailed installation and maintenance information, coupled with a first class hotline support
  • NO HIDDEN CHARGES - The price you see is the price you pay so there are no surprises of added VAT when you checkout
  • BEST QUALITY AND VALUE - We may not always be the cheapest, but we certainly like to think that we are amongst the best!

  • 1. High dispensing heights for bottle filling (ArcticChill 88/98) plus high direct chill capacity
    2. SIP Overnight Sleep Mode, which is to save 25% in electricity and reduce related carbon production
    3. Our SIP system automatically sanitises overnight, every night, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene
    4. Our “Green” water filters use a re-usable plastic filter housing and bio degradable filter candles

    Installing your POU water cooler is quite straight forward. Have a look at our Installation video - it is really easy. Just use a professional plumber or a competent individual to connect to the mains (potable water!) Our installation kit provides everything you need to connect your POU Cooler to the mains, including a filter. You can see our installation kits under the plumbing and filtration section of our website: Plumbing & Filtration

    This video shows how to install a mains-fed water cooler and connect to the mains water supply

    Essentially it is easy to look after a water cooler - All the coolers we stock are very reliable and low maintenance, with occasional TLC they will continue to provide you with great tasting water. However, as with any appliance, there are things you should do to ensure the performance of your cooler.

  • Always keep it clean: It's a good idea to keep the outside of your cooler clean and to spray the dispensing- and the touch points (dispensing buttons etc) with a commercially available sanitizing spray. It only takes a minute. We recommend to do this once every three to six months.
  • Sanitise your cooler every 6 months. You can follow our technical blog on how to sanitise your water cooler: Why We Need To Sanitise
  • Change the filters on your POU Cooler every 6 months. It only takes a couple of minutes. If you have used our PFRAILKIT when installing your cooler, all you have to do is to exchange the filter candle FILTCAR
  • Empty and clean the drip tray regularly with soap and warm water. Drip trays have been used to discard all manner of things. Therefore clean your drip tray as often as is necessary.
  • We strongly recommend that all mains fed water coolers are connected to the mains by a plumber or trained individual, using a professional installation rail kit. To read more about the installation rail kits take a look at our technical information: Installing Your Water Cooler
  • Hot water boilers need to be protected against scale, especially if you are in a hard water area. Find out if you are in a hard water or soft water area and which installation rail kit you need, using our post code scale checker: Postcode Scale Checker: Postcode Scale Checker

  • Water is food and needs to be protected from bacterial contamination. The risk of contamination comes primarily from the water cooler tap end through hand to cooler bacterial transfer. Regular sanitising stops the development of bacterial contamination. The UK water cooler association recommends that the cold tanks in bottled water coolers are sanitised every 3 months and in mains connected water coolers every 6 months. Hot water boilers do not need to be sanitised.
    Take a look at our technical information for further details : Why We Need To Sanitise PDF

    SIPNeo3 is an ozone generator that can be factory installed by us or can easily be fitted to most makes of Bottled and POU water coolers. SIPNeo3 operates for a few minutes overnight, every night 24/7. The ozone generated destroys bacteria and leaves the cooler at maximum hygiene to protect your customers health. SIP sleep mode is a SIPNeo3 function which turns the power to the cooler off overnight which reduces its electricity consumption by around 25%. SIPNeo3. It is available as one of our cooler accessories for you to buy and install into your cooler: View SIPneo3


  • Automatically sanitises your bottled or POU cooler overnight, every night 24/7, greatly reducing the need to sanitise with chemicals
  • Ensures maximum cooler hygiene
  • Saves on electricity when activating SIP 12hour Sleep Mode (e.g from 18.00 to 06.00) on week days plus 24hour Sleep Mode on weekend
  • A Hot & Cold Cooler without Sleep Mode would use 983KWH per year. With Sleep Mode this reduces to 377KWH, a saving of 61% at 14p per KWH which would equate to a saving of £85 per year!!
  • The saving for an Ambient & Chilled Cooler, using the same formula saves 56% amounting to £11 per year

  • This video shows how the SIPNeo3 unit sanitises your water cooler

    We suggest to use a buffered hydrogen peroxide solution such as our CoolerClear Rinse and Spray. Description of use are on the bottles. For more information, view our technical blog Why We Need To Sanitise which explains how to sanitise a water cooler with conventional open tank or a sealed tank. We supply CoolerClear Rinse and Cooler Clear Spray individually or in packs of 12.

    CoolerClear Spray comes in a 100 ml spray bottle
    (CCSPRAY). It is sprayed on taps and the dispensing area and on bottled coolers also on the spike and bottle contact area of the cooler.

    Cooler Clear Rinse comes in a 1 litre bottle
    (CCRINSE) A dilution of CCRINSE is mixed with the water in the tank and allowed to stand dispensed trough both taps. Flush afterwards with clear water several times to remove any traces of CCRINSE

    Yes, on all orders over £80.00 Mainland UK Only. This automatically includes all water coolers and boilers.

    We keep a large stock of everything we show on our website and aim to despatch goods for next day delivery* when orders are placed before 2pm.

    No, we include VAT in all our prices and delivery is added on at the checkout if you spend under £50. Many retailers add vat on after you have filed in all your details, this can take time and be confusing - we aim to eliminate that.

    We have a wide range of Coolers and Boilers and do not want to be too descriptive here. There are however a few basic choices. The key decisions to make are, do you want key features such as:


  • Our customer service team will be happy to take your call, so contact us today if you want some guidance making this decision. There are so many coolers on the market this can sometimes be overwhelming!

    Water coolers are rapidly becoming an essential piece of equipment within the workplace. They are a simple, convenient and effective way to provide staff and visitors with easy access to clean, great tasting drinking water, whilst helping to boost staff concentration levels and often increasing productivity.

    Hot water boilers need to be protected against scale, especially if you are in a hard water area. Find out if you are in a hard water or soft water area and which installation rail kit you need, using our post code scale checker: Postcode Scale Checker

    Please check you have turned the isolation valve back on to the mains water, and check if you the Waterblock been activated (see Waterblock under Plumbing and Filter Kit).

    Have you regularly sanitised your cooler & replaced the water filter? - The water filter maybe blocked if you do not keep up regular replacements, we recommend every 6 months.

    We stock an unrivalled range of AA First water cooler and water boiler spares. To find the spare you need, first identify the cooler or boiler and then press the button for exploded drawing and spares. The numbers on the exploded drawing relate to the spares list which gives a brief explanation of the part and next to it shows our Part No. This is the number you need when ordering spares.

    Can’t find what you are looking for? Call the Crown Equipment Direct team on 0800 027 3102 or use our chat box and we will be happy to advise you.

    It is likely that your cooler need saintising. Take a look at our technical information for further details : Why We Need To Sanitise PDF

    Equipment Warranty: We offer a years warranty from the date of delivery providing the equipment has been installed & maintained in accordance with point 6 of the privacy statement.

    Please Read Our Privacy Statement To Find Out More:Privacy Statement

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