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Connecting Your Water Cooler to the Mains


Connecting the POU Cooler to the mains, uses an Installation Rail which consists of Copper Compression Fittings, a Non Return Valve with Isolating Tap, a Pressure Regulating Valve factory set to generally between 2.5 and 3bar, and a Waterblock. Our Installation Rail comes with a Filter (PFRAILKIT) or without Filter (PRAILKIT) DO NOT use a Self Cutting Valve, instead of professional Compression Fittings. Self Cutting Valves have resulted in major leaks and large insurance claims. Always make sure that you connect to a potable water supply! If in any doubt, ask the building manager to identify the incoming potable water supply. Low water pressure could be an indication that the water comes from a Cistern/Tank and not directly from the mains.


Water Utilities provide mains Water to any building at a minimum of 2bar. However, much can happen inside the building. Water Pumps are often used in high rise buildings to ensure the Flow Rate on the top floors is sufficient. The Water Pressure can suddenly surge, if no water is withdrawn when the building is empty and can “blow” Push Fit connections, causing a leak. The Pressure Regulating Valve on your Installation Rail, will protect you from such sudden surges. The Water Block is designed to prevent large scale flooding by limiting the amount of water (dependent upon the setting) that passes through in one flow. The Water Block should be installed in a vertical position with the flow direction pointing down. To set the flow meter on the Water Block use the white key provided to move the arrow to number 1 on the inside of the rim. This will limit the flow to 4.5 ltr. If the arrow points to 2, the flow will be limited to 9 ltr etc. In the event that the water block shuts the water off the pink button in the centre of the block will pop out - depress the button to reset.

Connecting a Mains Connected (POU) Water Cooler or Boiler to the mains supply

  1. This should only be done by a Plumber or Trained Installer
  2. It is important to ensure that the water supply is Potable Water (fit for human consumption)
  3. The pipe run from the mains to the Water Cooler/Boiler should be no more than 20m maximum in length
  4. To connect to the mains you require a WRAS approved Installation RaiL. The Rail consists of two 15MM” Compression Fittings, a Non Return Valve, a Pressure Limiting Valve set at 2.5 - 3 bar and a Waterblock which limits the risk of a leak
  5. The Waterblock then connects to a Carbon taste and odour Filter using a ¼” pushfit connection and pipe
  6. Which then connects to the Float Valve on the tank lid of the POU water tank or to the water inlet on the back of the Water Boiler

This video shows a professional connection of a POU Water Cooler to the Water Mains using a WRAS approved POU Installation Rail

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