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100% Colombian Coffee Bags - Cafetiere Style Coffee

100% Colombian Coffee Bags - Cafetiere Style Coffee


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Perfect Coffee On The Go


  • The BaristaChoice 100% Colombian bags are designed to create cafetiere style coffee made without the need for anything other than simply fresh boiling water brewed for between 2-5 minutes.
  • These one portion coffee bags are perfect for hotel bedrooms, glamping, or other self serve environments.
  • Sourced from the famous Huila (pronounced wheeler) region of Western Colombia this coffee is wonderfully bright and fruity, with notes of toffee apple and blackcurrant. This coffee has complex juicy body with great sweetness throughout and subtle notes of dark chocolate in the finis
  • Every bag is individually wrapped and heat-sealed to maintain freshness and aroma you would expect from a fresh Barista made coffee.

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