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Other Accessories

We provide for each Cooler a comprehensive range of Parts and Accessories, which we believe is unrivalled in the market. Once installed Water Coolers need to be regularly Sanitised. The internal Water Trail will over time grow Bacteria which will need to be removed. Industry Guidelines demand that Plumbed-in Coolers are Sanitised every 6 months (we supply CoolerClear Rinse & Spray Sanitising Solutions). Can’t find what you are looking for? Call the Crown Equipment Direct Team on 0800 027 3102 or use our chat box and we will be happy to advise you.

We also then have two Cowlings and a Bracket, to fix floor standing Coolers and Fountains to the wall. The Cowling for our Floor Standing Water Coolers (except Jazz1000 and Jaz1100) is COWLING334488 and for our Water Fountain is CA61 in Stainless Steel The Part No for our Bracket is – wait for it - BRACKET

Description Price Quantity
Cooler Cowling Metal Cowling (3300/ArcticChill 88) COWLING334488 Price: £110.40 inc VAT
Cowling for Water Fountain Cowling for Water Fountain CA61 Price: £110.40 inc VAT
Bracket Wall Bracket BRACKET Price: £19.20 inc VAT
Magnetic Cup Holder in Off White Magnetic Cup Holder in Off White MCH Price: £24.00 inc VAT
CCRINSE Sanitising Solution - Cooler Clear Rinse 1 Litre CCRINSE Price: £24.00 inc VAT
Cooler Clear Spray 100ml Spray Bottle Sanitising Spray - Cooler Clear 100ml Spray Bottle CCSPRAY Price: £6.00 inc VAT

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