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Filters For Water Coolers & Boilers


A Carbon Block Filter (FILTCARHOU) is the standard filter used for Water Coolers, or Water Boilers in a soft water area. The FILTCARHOU consists of two parts. A reusable plastic Filter Housing (FILTHOU) and a bio degradable 1-micron Carbon Block Filter Candle (FILTCAR). The reusable Filter Housing reduces plastic waste and the Filter Candle is biodegradable and can be recycled with household waste. The role of the Carbon Candle is to remove the taste and smell of the Chlorine in the mains water.


We replace the Carbon Candle with a NanoFilter Candle, which fits into our reusable Filter Housing, to create the complete FILTCARHOUNANO. The NanoFilter Candle represent a new generation of Filters. It has a high Pharma Rating and enhanced Flow Rate. The Nanoceram material of the NanoFilter removes 99.98% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia Intestinalis & E-coli, and in addition creates a barrier against Legionella, Pseudonomas, Salmonella, Mycrobacteria & Aspergillis. The large surface area of the NanoFilter resists blocking, even at low water pressure or where there is a high solid content of the mains water. It is the preferred filter for use in hospitals, hospices, schools and for areas which suffer from filter blocking. The Nanofilter Candle can also be recycled with household waste The Filter Housing used for both Filter Candles is re usable to reduce plastic waste.


Scale will build up in Water Boilers if they are situated in a hard water area. The rule of thumb is the harder the water, the higher the hot temperature and the greater the use – the more scale will develop. The UK scale map shows the soft and hard water areas.

For Hot Water Coolers/Water Boilers in a hard water area we provide a Scale Removal Brita Filter (FILTC150). The more sophisticated Boilers which also incorporate a Chiller, have separate mains water inlets on the Boiler side and on the Chiller side. This allows for the connection of a Scale Removal Filter on the Hot side and a cheaper Carbon Filter on the Chiller side. (BPFRAILKIT).

Check your water hardness with our unique Postcode Scale Checker

You can check your postcode using our postcode checker in the menu bar, just click to find out if you are affected by Hard Water. It makes business sense to ensure your equipment if fitted with the correct scale protection filter.

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